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Ok here is my FIRST attempt at making a soundtack, it took so long because I didn't know where to start, but once I got going it was all good.
So Yeah, I was inspired to create a Vincent Valentine soundtrack because I hopefully will be obtaining the Dirge of Cerberus for my birthday, which has really crept up on me. AHH I'm getting old!!
Right have to remember to stick to the topic.
Rightio So this is pretty much a collection of songs that are symbolic of the rage and guilt carried by our brooding, lovelorn, smoldering, red cloaked hottie.
I did really try my best to make the songs flow into one another and I tried super hard on the cover art.
So enough of my babbling on. Enjoy!
By the way, i would adore fellow Vincent fan girls to friend me!
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teasers: no one hits like gaston!Collapse )
Ive gotten 18 beauty and the beast icons. Some are pretty funny. well i think so. Oh well enjoy, comment and credit if you use.
Ive gotten off my ass and made some halfdecent icons
*laps up praises*
this time the victim is aladdin! horray!!!!

ok so 13 icons for your own uses. please credit.


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Okay, today has been a busy day. By popular demand I made some more samurai champloo icons and some

25 icons

11 gackt
4 boA
6 air tv
4 samurai champloo

teasers :
iconsCollapse )
here are some icons
I have just sorta learnt the art of layers so yeah, lets hope you dont want to burn your eyes out when you see them lol.

19 icons in total


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Hello my name is Taintedsinner or Ishy as my nickname it is, sound like yoda I do. YeESSS!
So right I've been making icons for a bit over a year now, but recently people have actually started using them. Haha.
So I'll post icons to here and you can use them!

Credit please if you use