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Fully Sick Icons

Made by Taintedsinner

Icons made by Taintedsinner
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This is my icon community so it has some rules

Comment and Credit = awesomo love
Stealing = Sadness and guilt for you

I find people who take the icons and say "I cant credit you I don't know how"

Well Here is how.

When uploading your icons you will see there are the boxes keywords and description
in description you write made by *insert name here*

Problem solved

I also sometimes use other peoples mask, textures and things so a resource page will be up soon
thankyou and enjoy

x_crystalline for light brushes
absolutetrouble for some masks
starlit_designs for lovely brushes
endlessdeep for brushes
blossombunny for masks
rxyang1 for textures
theoicons i hope this is them because i couldnt quite read the label text, lovely brushes though
lil_miss_coolio for pretty text brushes
If you do not see your brushes/masks/textures credited here and you recognise them its not that im stealing them its either i cant remember or i cant read the writing on your label. Remember as pretty as it is its no good if we cant read them ;)